We are now asking people to fill out a perfect match form online and email it to us info@rspcabrighton.org.uk

The relevant form can be found here Dog Adoption Form

Please click on the image of each dog to find out more information about them.

Sophie: 4-5 Years, Female, Terrier Cross
Rupert: 3 years, Male, Bull breed cross
Hank: 3-4 Years, Neutered Male, Lurcher
Nigel: 12-18 months, Neutered Male, Cross breed
Reggie: 4 years, Neutered Male, Lurcher
Bonnie: 6 years, Spayed Female, Mastiff cross
Hunters: 18 months, Neutered Male, Collie x Flat coated Retriever
Ajak: 2-3 years, Female, Staffie x American Bully
Lottie: 2-3 years, Female, Beagle cross
Martha: 10 years, Spayed Female, German Shepherd
Dave: 12 years, Neutered Male, German Shepherd
Saxon: 10 years, Male, Terrier cross
Elliott: 18 months, Male, Whippett cross
Chia: 14 years, Soayed Female, Staffie