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Charlie came in on the 26th of October via another rescue due to a change in circumstances. He is a very friendly, affectionate boy who loves attention. Charlie knows sit, paw, leave, stay, come and his name on command, is good when groomed and likes to play with toys, especially soft ones. He seems ok with most other dogs but we are still assessing him at the moment. He has not been tested with cats yet. Charlie is a  new arrival who will be available soon.


Hank came in on the 17th of October via another rescue. He was an unclaimed stray. Hank is a lovely, friendly boy who is very affectionate and enjoys a fuss. He knows sit on command, is ok when groomed and is learning to play ball. He is known here as Hank the Tank (as he is a large lurcher who weighs about 33 kg). Hank is sociable with other dogs but needs a home without cats or small animals. He really is a gentle giant who enjoys his walks and is well behaved on the lead. Hank is a new arrival who is still ... Read More


Flo came in on the 22nd of September via an Inspector. She had a severe flea allergy on arrival and an untreated sore eye so has been on treatment the last month to help her feel better. Flo is now ready to look for a new home. She is a sweet, active girl who can be very shy at first. Flo knows sit and her name on command, is housetrained, very good when groomed and enjoys her walks. She does pull a little on the lead and loves a good run around. Flo can be reactive with other dogs so will need ... Read More


Buddy came in on the 12th of October as his previous owner was unwell and could no longer give him the care and time he needs. He is a very friendly, active boy who knows sit, down, paw and his name on command, is housetrained and ok when groomed (but excitable). Buddy is sociable with other dogs although can be a little over friendly with them at the moment (he needs neutering!) He has not been tested with cats yet. Buddy weighs just under 40kg so can be strong when he wants to be. He would benefit from someone who has had a ... Read More


Ozzy came in on the 6th of October via another rescue after being picked on by the other dog in the home. He is a friendly, lively boy who can be a little shy when he first meets you but is soon your best friend. Ozzy knows sit, down, stay and his name on command, is ok when groomed and likes playing with toys especially a ball. He is a little worried by other dogs at the moment (due to his past experience) so will need some further socialising. We think Ozzy is possibly crossed with a Belgian shepherd, he bonds quite quickly ... Read More


Mavis came in on the 7th of September via another rescue. Mavis is a friendly, affectionate girl once she trusts you but can be very wary of new people to begin with. She knows sit and down on command and is learning her name. Mavis enjoys playing with toys, especially a ball. She is worried about being groomed at the moment and needs a new owner who can work on this. Mavis seems ok with other dogs but would benefit from further socialisation. She has not been tested with cats yet. Mavis is looking for an experienced, active home without children.  She will ... Read More