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Mr Woo came in on the 7th of December as his previous owner could no longer look after him. He is a cheeky, bouncy boy who can be a little shy with new people at first.  Mr Woo knows sit, paw and his name on command, is ok when groomed and loves his toys, especially soft, squeaky ones.  He is very cuddly once he knows you. Mr Woo does have a very stubborn side so would benefit from a dog experienced or confident owner. He is friendly with other dogs but can be a little wary of larger ones at first.  He would ... Read More


Beau came in on the 30th of November along with another dog after his owner sadly passed away. He is a happy, friendly boy who enjoys fuss and attention.  Beau knows sit on command, is good when groomed and loves to play with toys.  He is very young at heart! Beau is looking for a home where he can be the only pet as he is not keen on other dogs. He could live with children 10 years or older and needs an experienced owner.  


Chase: 2 years, male, Staffie
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Chase came in on the 28th of November via another RSPCA centre. He is a friendly, lively boy who loves cuddles.  Chase knows sit and his name on command but would benefit from some further training.  He is a cheeky, playful boy who loves his toys. Chase would prefer to be the only pet in the home.  He is happy with female dogs once he has met them but is not so keen on other males. He is a new arrival who is still being assessed.


Mandy came in on the 20th of November via another RSPCA centre where she had been since July. She is a sweet, older girl who knows her name on command and is good when groomed. Mandy is a little shy initially but soon becomes friends when you offer her a treat! She enjoys her walks but is equally happy with a nice comfy bed to chill out on. Mandy is sociable with some other dogs but needs a home without cats or small animals as even at her age she still likes to chase them! She is looking for a quiet home without ... Read More


Henry came in on the 21st of October as his previous owner was working long hours and did not have any time for him. He is certainly a character! Henry knows sit and his name on command but has had very little training or life experiences other than this.  He loves his food so this will help with ongoing training.  Henry has not had a lot of exercise or mental stimulation in his last home and can get frustrated easily, he tends to take this out on his toys which he loves playing with in typical terrier style! He can get over ... Read More


Nelly came in on the 15th of October via another rescue.  She was an unclaimed stray. Nelly is a bouncy, friendly, happy girl who still very much behaves like a puppy! She knows sit on command, is ok when groomed, loves playing with toys and enjoys her walks, although she tends to bounce along rather than walk! She is very good with other dogs and loves to play but can be a little full on for some!  Nelly needs a home without cats. She can be quite strong and boisterous on the lead and at times very stubborn! She is looking for an ... Read More


Akira has been with us in our special care unit since the beginning of March.  She came in via an Inspector and was extremely malnourished on arrival.  After lots of veterinary investigations we have got to the bottom of why she was so skinny.  Akira has digestive issues linked to her pancreas, this means she has to stay on a specific diet and will be on an enzyme supplement in her food for life. She has now  gained lots of weight, is feeling 100 times better and is ready to look for a new home. Akira is a friendly, boisterous girl who ... Read More