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The Big Kennel Build

Our Plan

Our ambitious plan will replace an outdated kennels and cattery with brand new facilities. We use the most up to date animal welfare insights to shape the design, to ensure our animals receive the best care possible.

The new build will allow us to focus on reducing stress for the animals who need our help, with warm cosy kennels and cat pens. We will seek to provide soothing music, shelter from stressors in the environment and spacious exercise areas.

This phased three year plan will enable us to keep on caring for the neediest animals from our branch area while at the same time, working around the site to install these modern facilities.

But we can’t do it without you!

Become a Brighton Animal Shelter Sponsor today by setting up a one-off donation to support our appeal.

Shelter Sponsors who donate £1000 and above will get a plaque at the Shelter and place on our online commemorative wall. It’s the perfect way to mark a special occasion, celebrate a loved one or remember a precious pet.

Many thanks to our past Shelter Sponsors who have been so supportive of our previous projects.

Kennel Champions

We want to remember the people who have helped to make our new welfare friendly kennels a reality.

Without the kindness and generosity of our supporters we wouldn’t be able to provide the damaged dogs that come to us the care they need.

We want you to know who these people are and celebrate them because it takes all of us to make a world that is kinder to animals.