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What you need to know

17 months


Terrier cross

Can live with:
Sally will require several meets over a course of weeks at the shelter before being adopted. She is looking for a very experienced, adult only home and she will need her own garden.

Sally comes with a full behavioural plan and continued support from our behaviour and welfare advisor.

About me

Sally is a complex girl who has not had the best start in life. She came in on the 11th of April via another rescue as an unclaimed stray.

Sally is a cheeky, feisty terrier with a big personality! She can be very unsure of new people to begin with and can be quite worried by over handling. Although she has improved greatly with us at the shelter there is still a long way to go. She is a very active girl and will need complete training. Sally can be sound sensitive and the kennel environment is not the ideal situation for her. We are hoping she will blossom and come out of her shell in a new home.

Sally enjoys the company of other dogs her own size and would benefit from living with an already established dog in her new home. She can be unsure of larger, bouncy dogs so would benefit from further socialisation.

Sally loves playing with toys and turns into a proper little terrier when she rags her soft teddies. She will be a fun companion for someone who has experience and understanding of terriers and their ways.

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