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Dogs looking for forever homes


What you need to know

7-8 year


Shar Pei x Staffie

Can live with:
Louie needs a home as the only pet. He will ignore other dogs when he is out and about unless they invade his personal space but would not want to live with one. He is a definite no to cats or small furries.

Louie will need the following:

  • Louie is looking for an experienced, adult only home with one or two people as he would not cope with a busy household.
  • A calm home in a quiet suburban or rural location and his own, secure, private garden that is large enough to play in.
  • Someone with experience of anxious dogs and dog behaviour in general.
  • An adult only home. He cannot live with children or have any visiting children.
  • An owner who is willing to commit to shelter visits over a period of weeks prior to adoption.

If you think you can offer Louie the lifestyle he is looking for and commit to his ongoing training, please fill in the form below.

About me

Louie came to us in November 2021 from a local home. They were unable to meet his needs and did not have enough time for him.

Upon arrival at the shelter Louie was very anxious and untrusting of new people. It has taken several months of care and rehabilitation to turn him into the wonderful boy he has now become (he is a firm favourite amongst the kennel staff).

Louie is a very intelligent, determined boy who knows what he wants and when he wants it! He loves to play and a roll in the long grass, he loves water and enjoys the paddling pool. He has a massive toy box in his kennel and spends his day choosing different toys.

He is also an incredibly sensitive boy. Louie doesn’t like loud noises, wind or heavy rain. He will flinch at sudden movements and new situations can really worry him. He accepts handling really well from the people he trusts but takes a while to warm to new people. Out and about Louie will ignore everything else that is going on (dogs and people) but does not like it if anyone invades his personal space.

Louie is housetrained and knows his name, sit, paw, down, come, speak and leave on command. He mostly walks well on the lead unless he knows he is going somewhere exciting. Louie is muzzle trained for seeing the vet and for formal handling (his paws are very sensitive).

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