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Dogs looking for forever homes


What you need to know

5-6 years

Neutered Male


Can live with:
Reggie needs to be the only dog in the home. He is not suitable to live with cats or small furry animals.

He would prefer an adult only home.

About me

Reggie came in on the 26th of January. He was originally adopted from us back in 2022 but due to circumstances unfortunately had to be returned to us. He has already had 3 homes and the next home really needs to be his forever home!

Here is some information from Reggie’s previous owner – Reggie is a lovely boy who is very calm indoors and likes to snooze on the sofa. When he is tired he sometimes retreats to another room to chill on his own. At night he likes to sleep in the bedroom and sometimes get in the bed! He always has his own blanket. Reggie is housetrained and will let you know when he needs to go out. He does not chew furniture or anything apart from his toys. He travels well and has been used to either being in a large boot or on the back seat with a harness. Reggie was with someone in the house most of the time but has been left for up to 5 hours after a long walk with no problems.

Outdoors Reggie is reactive to cats and some dogs however he has reduced this behaviour significantly. Reggie will become nervous near other big dogs. He lived in an urban area near the sea and country. The estate was heavily populated with cats and other big dogs and Reggie struggled to adapt so we started to have walks outside the neighbourhood. Reggie enjoyed the beach and country and loved chasing his ball. In the countryside he is well behaved and does not react to horses, cyclists or other people. He will try to chase deer and foxes so being on a lead is necessary.

Reggie has been bitten by another dog in the past and can be reactive (black Labradors and big dogs). This has improved greatly since being in his home and the last few months have been filled with happy walks where he met and greeted other dogs on walks with no issues. He is attracted to other sighthounds. Reggie’s play can be a bit intense! He may take a while to feel safe again in a new home, however with good training his reactivity might continue to reduce.


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