rose and peony guinea pigs 1


Rose and Peony came into the shelter as their owner was ill and could no longer care for them.  They are sisters, Rose is short haired and Peony is longer haired.  They are 2 years old. They are sweet girls and have been well looked after by their owner, Peony's hair is not too long but we have just given her a little hair cut around her trouser area to stop it getting knotty.  They love each other and love treats of curly kale and greens.  We are looking for a home for them together.


African Soft Fur Rats
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Also known as Multi-Mammate Mice. We have 4 female African soft fur rats/multi-mammate mice. They were removed from a home by an Inspector due to poor living conditions. These are exotic pets. We are looking for a home for them together and we believe them to be about a year old. They can be picked up and handled in time. Ideally their new owners need to have experience with rodents and/or mice, as they can be escape artists! If you are interested in them, please do your research on these little girls. They must have a large, secure cage/tank. We ... Read More