christmas pigs 1


This is our three Christmas guinea pigs. Twinkle, Tinsel and Star, they came in for rehoming as they were removed by one of our inspectors.  They were not having the right care and the owner had too many guinea pigs.  They are 3 females. We would like them to stay together as a group as they have lived together.  We do not know their ages but are guessing they are adults as they are all fully grown.  They are probably about 1-2 years old but could be older or younger.  They are a happy trio and love to chatter especially at ... Read More
Cassie guinea pig 1


Cassie Guinea Pig:
/ Other Animals
Cassie came in for rehoming as she was in a home with too many animals.  We did home her but unfortunately she did not bond well with the other guinea pigs so has had to be returned to the shelter.  She is a very sweet little guinea pig, about 8 months old.  she is long haired and will need grooming daily and every so often a hair cut around her trouser area. We are looking for an experienced home for Cassie with someone who is experienced in long haired guinea pigs and experienced in bonding guinea pigs with other guinea pigs.  ... Read More