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Small furries looking for their forever homes


What you need to know

6-8 months



Can live with:
He will need a spacious tank with lots of enrichment and things to keep him occupied and busy. He will need knowledgeable owners who have had small rodents before.

About me

Fromage came to us via an inspector, he was transferred from another branch.  He is from a large group that we had to split up. He has been vet checked and has a clean bill of health. He arrived to us on 07/11/2023.

Fromage is still getting used to being handled – he can be quite wriggly! This is understandable as it is likely that before he came to us he wasn’t used to human interaction. He is a bit of a snoozer and likes his down time, although he will always get up for some mealworms!

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