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Please read full description. Both kittens came from the RSPCA in London where their mum had been a stray. They were flea infested and full of worms! They are very sweet and playful, but also a little shy at first and seem quite wary of young children and lots of noise. They would suit some a home with children 12 years plus and people who have had cats before. Both boys get on so well, playing and sleeping together. Although they look so similar, their personality’s are a little different. We have been unable to find them a home due to ... Read More
July 24, 2021cowshed


(Please read full description ) Romi was brought in by an inspector where she had been removed from a multi cat household. She was underweight, covered in fleas & full of worms! She’s a shy girl at first, but we have seen her grow in confidence each week & is now ready for a new home. Romi would like a calm home as the only animal. She’s very scared of children, so needs an adult home. She would also love a safe garden she can enjoy. Romi’s tummy is a little sensitive still, she is on dry food and bland pouches. She ... Read More
July 23, 2021cowshed


Robbie was handed into the RSPCA in London as his owner was unfortunately very ill and unable to look after him. Robbie is a gentle wimpy boy who is used to living in a calm quiet home with one person. He seems to prefer women more, he’s very weary of men. He’s shy at first and hides under his bed, but comes out once he knows you and feels safe. Robbie would love a cat flap and garden. More info to come.
July 17, 2021cowshed


Missy came to us from the RSPCA in London for a fresh start. Unfortunately her last owner brought a puppy and missy was made to live in the garden. Eventually her owner handed her into the local shelter. She’s a quiet cat, shy to start and tends to hide at first. But with gentle tickles, she does start to relax a bit. Missy will need a quiet calm home without children or dogs and time to settle in. But we are sure that once she knows her new surroundings and feels safe, she will begin to flourish. She’d love a ... Read More
July 14, 2021cowshed


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Clapton is an older boy who came to the shelter because unfortunately his owner passed away. He’s a little unsure at first, but once settled he seems to be ok and enjoy a little fuss. His last home was fairly quiet and calm, so we are looking for a similar home again for him. Clapton was also used to his own garden, and would appreciate another home with a garden. He seems a healthy chap, although we had to remove quite a few teeth as his mouth was quite a mess. This doesn’t seem to stop his appetite though, and ... Read More
July 10, 2021cowshed


Please read full description.  Pru was brought to us via the RSPCA inspectors as she was being kept in unsuitable conditions. She was underweight and very poorly indeed! Because of her past, Pru is very shy and will need a calm home and time to learn to trust you and settle. She may still lash out occasionally if feeling threatened, but this has been improving so much lately, especially when she gets to know you. Unfortunately at the moment, Pru is not a cat you can pick up and cuddle, but we hope in time this may change. It will ... Read More
July 4, 2021cowshed


Can you help Thomas? Thomas was removed from his last home along with a lot of other animals. He was very nervous and it has taken a long time for him to begin to trust us. Although Thomas has improved a lot, he still has a tendency to lash out if he’s not sure! He will need time to learn and trust you and you will need to let him settle at his own pace.  He would like to be the only animal and will need to be a cat experienced adult home. Thomas will need his own garden.
June 22, 2021cowshed


Sylvester came to the shelter as his last owner was unable to look after him anymore. He’s a little nervous at first and we think Sylvester would suit a calmer home without young children or other animals. He’s sweet once he knows you, and does enjoy a bit of fuss. He will definitely need a nice garden as he’s used to using a cat flap and a weekly groom as he is long haired.
June 16, 2021cowshed