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Noddy was brought into us from one of the local vets where he had been taken in. Noddy had a very badly infected bite wound on his ear, which unfortunately has left it a little deformed ( adds to his character) Noddy is a sweet boy, he does enjoy fuss and a lap at times. He also quite enjoys bashing his toy mouse about. Noddy will need safe access to a garden, as he loves going out. He would also like a calm home without young children as he’s been through the wars. And unfortunately he’s not keen on other ... Read More
May 4, 2021cowshed


Lancelot come into us because he was being bullied by the other cat and wasn't very happy about it! He's a lovely boy who enjoys fuss and attention, but he is also quite independent and will pop off to do his own thing. Although he is ten years old, Lancelot is very healthy and has no medical problems at all. He will need a nice garden to call his own, as this is what he has been used to. Lancelot would prefer a calmer home without children, and definitely no other cats, so he can relax in his own kingdom. ... Read More
April 27, 2021cowshed


Please read full description - When Hannah arrived from her last home, she was covered in fleas! As a result, she had a few sore patches and was quite bald in places. She was depressed, and very quiet. With regular flea treatment, proper food and lots of cuddles, Hannah is now more confident, loves fuss, and her fur is looking great! She still has some slight balding on the inside of her back legs, but this is growing back nicely. Hannah wants a calm home with no other animals or young children, so she can relax. Also a garden as ... Read More
April 18, 2021cowshed