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Cats looking for forever homes

Inbetweener Cats: Mixed Genders & Ages

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We sometimes have cats in our care that we would like to be rehomed as “inbetweener cats”. These are generally independent cats that haven’t been socialised and are therefore stressed when forced to be in close proximity to humans. They still need some level of human care but require a lot less maintenance than the average domestic pet cat.

These cats are unique and need a special sort of home which is different to a traditional family house. Inbetweener cats will still require daily food, water, a warm shelter and sufficient space to roam. Homes that may be considered suitable for these cats include rural homes with outbuildings, farms, small holdings, or stables. Some inbetweener cats decide to join the household, but should never be expected to behave like ordinary pet cats. Our inbetweener cats are neutered, vaccinated, and up to date on flea & worming treatment when sent to their new homes.

Taking on one of these cats gives them a second chance in the type of home where they can live their best life. Seeing them roaming free, dozing in the sun and exploring to their heart’s content can be really rewarding.

If you are interested in giving one of these cats an alternative home, complete an application to adopt. Please indicate that you are interested in an inbetweener cat. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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