We are now asking people to fill out a perfect match form online and email it to us info@rspcabrighton.org.uk

The relevant form can be found here Cat Adoption Form

Please click on the image of each cat to find out more information about them.

Jack: neutered male, 3 years
Tootsie: Spayed female, 3 years
Sophie: spayed female, 12 years
Gizmo: Spayed female, 5 years
Monty: neutered male, 8 years
Tinkerbell: spayed female, 7 years
Jeremy: Neutered male, 2 years
Oreo: neutered male, 1 year
Opal: spayed female, 1 year
Blossom: spayed female, 5 years
Peggy: Spayed female, 2-3 years
Sidney: neutered male, 8 yeras