Dave & Trigger came to us because their last owner was moving and unfortunately couldn’t take them. Trigger was involved in a road traffic accident and is blind in his right eye. This doesn’t effect him at all. Dave is more confident, but both cats will need a calm quiet home as they are not keen on lots of noise etc. So would best suit one or two people.


Oliver came to us from a multi cat household. He came in covered in fleas!  He’s a little nervous at first and sometimes a bit jumpy around lots of noise, so will best suit a calmer home.


Stan arrived as an un-neutered stray. He was a little under the weather and looked quite rough. But as you can see, he is now looking a lot better. He’s very friendly and loves a lap to sit on. He is currently on treatment as his tummy is still a bit iffy, but hopefully this can be sorted out. More info to come


Valerie came to us because she was a stray. She was handed in by a kind member of the public. Unfortunately Valerie wasn’t chipped and no one came forward. She had some tummy issues, but this seems to have cleared up now. She’s a lovely girl who will need a calm home without young children or other cats.


Dodger was an un-neutered male who was a stray. He was being fed by a few people and living rough. He was very nervous when he arrived and quite hissy toward us, but has calmed down and now quite sweet. Although he will let you know when he’s had enough. He would suit a home without cats or young children.


Mr blacks came in from top cat vets as a stray. He hadn’t been neutered and was looking very rough. Although he is now looking a lot better! Mr Blacks has taken some time to settle down as he is quite a nervous boy, so will need a very calm home with one or two people who have had cats before. He likes a little stroke and fuss once he knows you, and just needs time to settle.