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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

13+ years


Semi-long haired domestic

Can live with:
Tom will need to live in a calm, adult only home. He would like to be the only cat and could not live with a dog.

About me

Tom came to us last year, he was surrendered to us as his owner no longer wanted him. He is an elderly chap who is looking for a calm retirement home!

Tom was very frightened when he first came to us and struggled to come out of his castle. Thankfully he has spent plenty of time in foster which has helped him prosper into the cat he is now! He has settled in nicely and enjoys spending time with his human friends. He likes fuss and attention, although he isn’t confident enough to be picked up with ease. Strangers are still a stressful situation for him but with a bit of time and patience, he can get to know new people.

In his next home, Tom will need a separate room he can have to himself initially. He will be scared at first so he will need plenty of time, space and encouragement to settle in. We are happy to rehome him as an indoor cat as he is an old boy who appears to be quite content being indoors! Please note any meets with Tom will take place in his foster home.


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