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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

6-7 years


Semi-Long Haired Domestic

Can live with:
George would prefer a calmer environment without children or dogs. He would also like to be the only cat. His next home will need a garden.

About me

George came to us recently as the previous owner could no longer look after him. Since being with us, he has received treatment in his right eye as it has been weapy. It is not a serious issue but it may potentially require ongoing treatment in the future. George is a sweet male cat who loves to have some affection. He warms to new people quickly and has shown himself to be a very friendly chap! He is often vocal and wants us to come in and spend some time with him, so he likes to have company.

In his next home he will need a garden to explore, preferably with a cat flap as he knows how to use one. 

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