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Small furries looking for their forever homes

Charley (Senegal)

What you need to know

17 years


Senegal Parrot

Can live with:
Due to her species, we are ideally looking for a single-bird household for Charley.

About me

Charley was surrendered to us recently as her owner could no longer look after her. She was with her previous owner for all of her life. She came to us on 28/03/24. She has been health checked and we believe she is female as she has laid an egg before. Due to the perches she had in her previous cage, she now has sore feet, so going forward her perches will need to be padded.

Living up to her species reputation, Charley is a charismatic little bird with a big personality! She loves to be the centre of attention, and she often makes that known by her loud whistles. Her next owner will need to be aware that she can be very noisy when she chooses to be. Charley has settled in very well and she has gotten to the point where she will step on someone’s arm to come out of her cage for a bit. Although she is hand tame, she has bitten in the past, and it is extremely likely that she will do so again.

Charley will need a large bird cage, she would also benefit from a room that she has for herself. Her flying skills are limited, but with time and opportunity it is possible that this will improve. She would love to live with someone who is often at home as she flourishes with human interaction. She loves sharing the staffs lunch!

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