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Rabbits looking for forever homes

Aubin & Alaska

What you need to know

3 years

Male & Female


White Lionhead Cross & Harlequin Crossbreed

Can live with:
They will need a large setup, shed or wendy house with a run attached. They could also live indoors as they are clean.

About me

Aubin & Alaska came to us from another branch, they were born in foster care. They came to us 30/11/2023. Aubin is the male, he is a white lionhead cross rabbit. Alaska is the female, she is a harlequin crossbreed. They are both just over 1 year old but they are a bit overweight, so they are on a diet! Both rabbits came to us neutered and microchipped, and they have recently been vaccinated and dewormed. Aubin will need regular grooming due to his long mane.

We are looking to rehome these two as a pair as they have grown up together. They are both very strong-willed characters who like what they like – they do have a tendency to grunt at us if we put things in the wrong place! They would suit an adult home due to their wilfulness. Alaska loves a cardboard box, it doesn’t take her long to destroy any we put in her pen. They both like toys and we often find them renovating their home as they move everything around! They are not keen on being picked up, they tend to wriggle! They are good eaters and love their greens, especially kale.

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