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Rabbits looking for forever homes

Alf and Sarina

What you need to know

3 years

Male & Female



Can live with:
They will need a large setup, shed or wendy house with a run attached. They could live inside but they are not very clean yet so that is still a work in progress!!!

About me

Alf and Sarina came into our branch from London as they were found abandoned.  They arrived at the shelter 14/08/23.  Alf is the short haired white and grey larger rabbit, Sarina is the small fluffy white rabbit. We have aged them both about 3 years old. Alf was already neutered, we have now neutered Sarina, they have both been vaccinated, microchipped and wormed

We think they have both been looked after as they were clean and Alf had been neutered. We are looking for a home for them together. Alf likes to think he is in charge but in reality Sarina is the one in charge, she is small and mighty, with a strong personality They are an odd couple but they do get on well. Alf likes to play and will do anything to get your attention. They are not big eaters but like what they like, namely kale!!

We are looking for an experienced rabbit home for them, Sarnia has such a strong stubborn character that she will run rings round her owners if they let her.  She is small but is very strong willed.  She does like a routine and likes things down her way.  They do like a nice run around and will flop down in the sun.  They would benefit from having a secure area to run around in outside.  To use up their pent up energy.  They would be better with older children or an adult only home as she snatches things from us

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