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Cat Spaying and Neutering guidelines

The RSPCA spends considerable time and funds dealing with the welfare consequences of unintended or irresponsible breeding. Every summer we deal with a serious crisis of kitten and cat overpopulation and serious related welfare concerns. Neutering is therefore a crucial activity for the Society. Cats will be rehomed neutered in all but exceptional circumstances.

Assuming there are no contraindications due to health, cats should be neutered from:
Eight weeks old for cats in RSPCA care
Four months old for owned cats

Follow this link for more guidance: Kitten Neutering Database (


RSPCA Sussex North and Brighton Branch offers some heavily subsidised neutering for dogs, cats and rabbits for owners on named benefits or low incomes. Neutering is essential for a happy healthy life for your pet and prevents unwanted litters and animals ending up in rescue. We ask owners to contribute to neutering costs:

£75 for a dog spay, £55 for a dog castration

£25 for a cat spay, £20 for a cat castration

£5 for a rabbit spay/castration

Please contact us for help with neutering, by phone on: 01273 554218 – from 10.30am – 4pm daily.

As a charity we need to make our resources go as far as possible and the help we give is means tested.