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Caring for your pet while you are on holiday


Leaving your pets in safe hands

Planning for a holiday can be an exciting time but don’t forget to include arrangements for your pets. Whether you plan to take them with you or not, it can take time to sort out their care so it’s best to start getting things ready well in advance.

If you’re considering taking your dog with you on holiday, there’s a lot to plan and consider before you book. Preparation is key to a stress-free holiday – for you and your dog.

Cats, rabbits and small animals who aren’t familiar with travelling and visiting new places shouldn’t be taken on holiday because the experience is likely to be too stressful for them.

You must never leave your pets on their own without a responsible person to care for them.

When someone else is looking after your pets, they have a legal responsibility to ensure that your pets are cared for properly.

You may want to consider whether friends or family are able to care for them or you could arrange a pet sitter, or take them to a local boarding establishment.

It is your responsibility to ensure your pet is properly cared for when you’re away.

We have put the following document together to give you advice, tips and help on caring for your pet when you’re on holiday.