Speedy Guinea pig

Speedy came into the us as he was abandoned outside the shelter in a carrier, with a scape of a note on the back of a paracetamol packet saying he wasn’t getting along with his brothers.

The note said he was 8 months old, we chose to change his name so he can have a fresh new start. He will need daily grooming as he has thick curly fur, which was very matted on arrival. We have now neutered him so he can happily live with a female guinea pig or a group of female guinea pigs. He is very cheeky and chatters all the time especially when we come round with the afternoon greens.

We are looking for a home for speedy with one or more female guinea pigs. He will need to live inside either a shed, garage or inside now it is winter but can happily go out next year. He will need to be able to have a run everyday even in the winter. He will still need to be kept separate from the females till 17th December. He will be allowed to go if someone is interested in him but he must be kept separate from the girls until that date. It helps for a slow introduction aswell.

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