Rico: 18 months, male, Chihuahua cross

Rico came in on the 19th of October due to the Ill health of his owner. He was a very scared, nervous boy when he first arrived but is starting to come out of his shell now.

Rico has not had a lot of socialisation in his previous home and tends to bark at anything he is unsure of. He bonds really well with some people and tends to tolerate others. It does take him a while to get to know new people and he will definitely need lots of ongoing socialisation in his new home.

Rico can be vocal when he sees other dogs due to being scared of them. He has made a couple of female dog friends since he”s been with us but does not like anything that is too boisterous with him. He would prefer to be the only dog in the home.

Rico is looking for an experienced, adult only home with someone who has had experience with nervous dogs before. He will need a garden and further socialisation and training.

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