Pru: spayed female tortie, 5years +


Please read full description.  Pru was brought to us via the RSPCA inspectors as she was being kept in unsuitable conditions. She was underweight and very poorly indeed! Because of her past, Pru is very shy and will need a calm home and time to learn to trust you and settle. She may still lash out occasionally if feeling threatened, but this has been improving so much lately, especially when she gets to know you. Unfortunately at the moment, Pru is not a cat you can pick up and cuddle, but we hope in time this may change. It will take time though and you will need to be very patient! Unfortunately she can not live with children or dogs. We think Pru would like a garden with a cat flap once settled, but will need to be kept in many months before hand so she can learn her surroundings and feel comfortable with you.

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