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Small furries looking for their forever homes

Female Mice

What you need to know

2/8 months


Dumbo mice

Can live with:

They will need a spacious tank filled with plenty of enrichment and hiding spaces. They are looking for a rodent-experienced owner.

About me

We recently had some mice arrive to us via an inspector, they were separated from an even larger group of mice. A few of these mice were pregnant and shortly delivered their litters on site!

We are looking to rehome the females from the group. There are 2 adults, Edam (tan) and Stilton (black). These two could either be rehomed as a separate pair or kept in the group of 7.

The five babies are as follows: Applewood (brown), Boursin (brown), Dairylea (darker brown), Philadelphia (tan) and Babybel (white and black). All of these mice have been vet checked and have a clean bill of health. As mentioned, they could go all as one large group of 7 or could be split into the adult pair and the group of 5 babies.

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