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Rabbits looking for forever homes

Sandra & Ryan

What you need to know

1.5 years

Male & Female



Can live with:
Sandra and Ryan are looking to be rehomed together into a spacious set-up.

About me

Sandra and Ryan came to our shelter in early June, they were surrendered to us as their owner no longer wanted them. They arrived to us on 03/06/24. Sandra is the agouti rabbit and Ryan is the black rabbit. They have been wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

This sweet duo haven’t been with us long, but they have quickly come out of their shells. They both quite confident, Sandra especially so. They love their food and treats, and have quickly got the hang of coming in and out the cat flap to their outside space! They haven’t been handled much so can be very wriggly. They will need a large setup, either inside or outside, with plenty of enrichment. Now that they are neutered, they are almost litter-trained and continue to improve every day. They wee inside their trays but occasionally leave a few poops around their pen, so they would be suitable for an indoor set-up.

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