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What you need to know

4 years



Can live with:
Roscoe is a typical, sensitive staffie who is worried by loud noises. He is anxious with formal handling and restraint, particularly with the vet or any veterinary treatment. He will need gentle handling with plenty of reassurance and will need to be muzzled for any vet visits.

Although Roscoe has lived with a smaller female dog he was not socialised in his previous home and was kept shut away indoors which unfortunately has made him unsure and very reactive towards dogs. He will need to be walked in quiet areas with minimal dogs and will need to remain on the lead in public. Roscoe needs continued training to help manage his reactivity, our behaviourist will provide a detailed training plan and ongoing support.

Roscoe finds it hard to relax in new places, he needs a patient, adult only home with someone who will give him time to settle.

About me

Roscoe came in on the 11th of May due to a change in circumstances. He has not had the best start in life and will need a home with someone who has time, strength and patience to dedicate to his training.

Roscoe is a very friendly, enthusiastic boy who loves attention. He knows sit, his name and paw on command and walks quite well on the lead. He can be very playful and when over excited, overwhelmed or frustrated can be mouthy and may jump up. This mostly occurs when he sees other animals (or anything that worries him) on walks. Roscoe enjoys playing with toys, especially soft squeaky or raggy ones.

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