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Rabbits looking for forever homes

Poppy & Daisy

What you need to know

4 months




Can live with:
Poppy & Daisy are looking to be rehomed together into a spacious set-up.

About me

Poppy and Daisy came us when they were only around 7/8 weeks old, they are from a litter that was found abandoned in a box in poor condition. Sadly their coats were matted all over and their skin was red and sore. Thankfully, with a bit of TLC and patience, they have come a long way and have grown up into a beautiful (and healthy!) pair of rabbits. They arrived to us on 22/04/24. Poppy is the harlequin rabbit and Daisy is the white and brown bunny. They have recently been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed.

Having come from very difficult circumstances, these two rabbits have flourished and grown up to be a lovely duo. They are a sweet pair who get on well. Being young bunnies they love to run around and play, so will need a nice spacious set-up with plenty of enrichment to keep them occupied. Their litter-training has been progressing very well, so they would be fine living either indoors or outdoors.

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