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Many of these cats will need quiet homes with no other pets.

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We have recently had a large group of Persian cats arrive to us. These lovely felines came from a multi-cat property which they were removed from, as they were not being looked after properly. Having arrived in the last few weeks, they are still being checked and observed. Some of them have come with breed-related breathing issues and will soon be receiving BOAS surgery to help alleviate some of their symptoms.

Whilst we are still busy getting to know the Persians, we welcome adoption enquiries in the meantime. They are a range of ages, although many of them are young female cats. We are looking to get them into homes with owners who have experience with Persians or flat-faced breeds, due to the extra TLC they need. Many of these cats will daily grooming and eye cleaning, so their owners will need to be confident doing this.

Due to the difficult circumstances the cats have recently faced, we will primarily be looking for them to go to quiet homes with no other pets or young children.

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