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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

3 years


Breed: Persain

Can live with: Ozzie wouldn’t be able to live with dogs, but may be able to live with other cats. He would be ok with cat experienced children 10+

About me

Ozzie came to us from a multi cat household with lots of other Persian cats that were living in terrible conditions. Some have had boas surgery to open up their airways as their noses have been bred too small. When Ozzie arrived at the shelter, he was struggling to breathe, and even found purring and eating difficult. Since his successful operation he is a much happier boy and is now able to breathe like a normal cat! He’s stitches are slowly dissolving and he is now starting to look like a handsome boy! He’s a friendly chap,  loves to play with his toys and enjoys a lap to sit on, although he isn’t keen on being picked up. We feel he would be ok with cat experienced children 10+ and would love a safe garden that he can freely came and go in when he wants. Ozzie will need weekly grooming, and a little face wipe here and there, but does generally look after himself well. Amos would not be happy living in a flat, he needs more space and enjoys the sunshine.


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