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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

6 years


Short haired domestic

Can live with:
Marbles needs an adult-only. She could not live with a dog or another cat.

About me

Marbles arrived to our shelter back in October via an inspector, she was initially surrendered by her previous owners. When she arrived to us she was very underweight and looking a bit worse for wear. We believe she was dealing with a common feline virus. She has now spent a few months in a foster home, building up her strength and putting on some weight. With a bit of TLC she has come a long way! She does not require any ongoing medication or treatment, but may continue to have the virus asymptomatically. Please enquire for further information by emailing us at

Marbles is a vocal cat who loves human affection and companionship. She is very active and occasionally likes to jump on your shoulders if she is in the mood for it! She really loves her strokes and fuss, although she will occasionally tell you when she has had enough. In her next home, she will need a secure garden she can access as she has a lot of energy to burn off.

Please note that any visits organised to meet Marbles will take place in her foster home, not at the Patcham shelter. 

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