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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

6 months



Can live with:
Lola would prefer a calm home with no young children.

About me

Lola came to us in April as part of a large group of Persian cats who came from a multi-cat home. At only 6 months old, she is still a juvenile who is learning how to be a cat! Like many felines, Lola has a heart murmur, but during her time with us it has already improved. This does not require any medication or treatment, it’s just something to keep an eye on during her regular vet appointments. Her new owners will need to be prepared to clean her eyes and brush her coat daily, as this will likely be something Lola requires.

Since being with us, Lola has steadily come out of her shell. She is a very active, vocal little girl who is often seen eagerly waiting for her breakfast and dinner. So far she accepts strokes but hasn’t yet learnt to love being fussed, however, we think with a bit of time and socialisation she will come to enjoy it even more. For such a young cat, she hasn’t had the best start to life, so she is still learning the ropes of being a well-cared for cat!

Lola would prefer a calm home with no dogs or young children. Ideally she will have a private room or space that she can live in initially to help get settled in. She loves her back pen space so it is essential that she has a secure garden she can access once she is ready to go outside. Her new owners will need to have experience with Persians or similar flat-faced breeds. 

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