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What you need to know

1.5 Years



Can live with:
Lilliana could live with cat-experienced children.

About me

Lilliana came to us back in November last year, her owners could no longer look after her. She is a juvenile Siberian cat with grey points and a long coat, which requires regular grooming and maintenance. Lilliana unfortunately arrived to us with bowel issues, which have persisted during her time with us. After many tests and vet checks, it has been determined that Lilliana suffers with inflamed bowels. This is known as IBD (irritable bowel disease). Her symptoms are controlled with a treatment plan/diet that she will likely have to be on for life. Please enquire for more information.

Lilliana is a much-loved cat at the shelter, she immediately captivates visitors with her wide eyes and playful charm! She is a truly lovely cat who enjoys spending time with people and getting fussed. She loves to play and chase things up and down the cattery, and you soon find that she is still a very gentle cat even when she is using her paws. Lilliana is looking for an indoor-only home due to her condition, but she would love to have a catio to play in, as she enjoys going out in her pen and having some fresh air.  She would love to have plenty of enrichment and spaces to play and snooze.

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