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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

1 year


Short haired domestic

Can live with:
Kyle will not be able to live with young children in his next home, nor any other cats or dogs.

About me

Kyle came to us recently via networking. He is a 1 year old black male cat. Recently he has started to come out of his shell and interact with us more. He likes a bit of attention and some strokes. Sadly the cattery is quite a stressful place for Kyle so he has been feeling some conflicted emotions and he occasionally gives a small nip when he’s not sure. We think that when he gets in a home and can fully relax and finally feel secure, this won’t be an issue. He is a lovely boy that is understandably stressed in his current situation.

Kyle will need a secure garden he can access, ideally via a cat flap. Ideally he would have his own private room/space initially to help him settle in.

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