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Rabbits looking for forever homes

John, Xylo and Nigel

What you need to know

6-8 months




Can live with
We are looking to home the boys as a group but the new owners would have to have a very large shed and large run or they could live inside in their own room

About me

John, Xylo and Nigel came in via one of our inspectors after being removed, they are from the horde of 83 animals we took in. They came in 20/08/23. We have neutered, chipped, vaccinated and wormed them. John is the black one, Xylo is tan and white, Nigel is the all tan one.

We would really like to rehome the boys as a trio all together.  They get along so well, Nigel is the boss but they will all snuggle up together in the bed asleep (if only we could get a picture but one always moves).  So due to it being a trio you would need a large shed/wendy house and a large run with access to a secure garden or they could live inside in their own room.  They are very nearly there with the litter training and it is only the occasional poo they drop as they run around.  These boy are great to watch, they run, binky, jump, throw toys around, love to nibble a cardboard box.  They are like teenage rabbits.  Always hungry and always want to know are we feeding them or giving them new toys.  They are all so inquisitive charging in the cat flap as soon as we open their pen door.  They love food, treats and all veg.  Hoovers on legs

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