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Dogs looking for forever homes

Irene & Cara

What you need to know

8 years

Both Female

Cross breeds

Can live with:
Irene and Cara are looking for a home together. They would prefer to be the only pets in the home.

About me

Irene and Cara came in on the 10th of June via another RSPCA Centre. We have no history on them but presume they have always been together as they get on really well. Irene has a paw missing on her back leg so just has a stump with a pad on the end. We presume she was born like this and it does not affect her walking.

Irene and Cara are both very friendly, sweet girls who love fuss and attention and have been happy with anyone they have met. They know how to sit, walk well on the lead and Irene likes to roll over for a belly rub. They are looking for a home where they can stay together.

They are  new arrivals who are still being assessed at the moment. More info to follow.









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