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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

Approx 1 year



Can live with:
Heather will need a calm, patient home without children or dogs.

About me

Heather came to us from a large multi-cat home, along with many other Persians who have ended up in our care. Understandably it has taken some time for her to find her feet, but she has now settled in well. Heather enjoys having plenty of fuss and will often be standing at the door waiting for some strokes! She is still a little bit jumpy and isn’t keen on lots of things going on around her, so she will need some patience to help her build trust with her new owner.

Like many of the cats she came with, Heather received BOAS surgery to help her breathe better. This has thankfully improved her breathing and greatly improved her quality of life. Her new owners will need to be experienced with Persian cats or similar breeds, and confident enough to groom her and clean her face/eyes as needed. Heather enjoys having a lay down in the sun so she would love to have a little garden she can potter around in!

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