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Rabbits looking for forever homes

Granger & Roland

What you need to know

2 years




Can live with:
Roland and Granger are looking to be rehomed together into a spacious set-up.

About me

Roland and Granger came to our shelter in June, they were surrendered to us as their owner was unfortunately moving into rented accommodation. They arrived to us on 13/06/24. Roland is the white and brown rabbit, Granger is a handsome grey colour. They have recently been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, and are due to be wormed soon.

These two boys haven’t been with us for very long, so we are still learning about their individual personalities. We are still waiting for their hormones to subside after neutering, as they are still rather hormonally fuelled! Once they have settled in and have had some time to recover post-castrate, we believe their characters will finally blossom. They are sweet boys who enjoy all of the greens they get given. In their next home, they will need plenty of space to run around and enjoy as they are a very active pair.

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