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Dogs looking for forever homes


What you need to know

7-8 years


Jack Russell

Can live with:
Unfortunately, probably due to his lack of socialisation, Finlay does not really like other dogs and would prefer to avoid them when out and about. He is also not suitable to live with cats or small animals.

Finlay is looking for an experienced, terrier owner with the time and patience to help him settle in a new home. He can not live with children or have any visiting children and will need his own, secure garden.

Finlay is a complex little soul who will need several meetings at the shelter with anyone wishing to offer him a home so that he can become fully comfortable with them.

About me

Finlay came in on the 21st of November last year from an unsuitable home. He had only been in his home for 3 months after his previous owner sadly passed away.

Finlay is a worried boy who does not seem to have had a lot of socialisation in the past. He takes a while to bond with new people, especially men so is ideally looking for a female owner. Once he trusts you he is a sweet, affectionate boy who enjoys attention and company. Finlay knows sit and beg on command and enjoys his walks.

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