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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

9 months


Short haired domestic

Can live with:
Duchess will require an adult only-home. She could not live with a dog or another cat.

About me

Duchess came to us in December from a multi-cat household which had over 80 cats! When she first came to us she was very intimidated and not happy being in the cattery. Thankfully she has now had some time to settle in a foster home which has bought out her personality. She is still very unsure about strangers but is improving everyday.

Due to her temperament, we are open to a foster to adopt situation for Duchess. We believe in the right environment she will continue to come out of her shell. She will need a quiet, calm home for her to relax and grow her confidence at her own pace. To help her settle in initially she will need a private room she can have as her own safe space. In her forever home, Duchess will eventually need a secure garden she can access as she is still young.

Please note that Duchess’s meets will take place in her foster home.

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