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Cats looking for forever homes


What you need to know

3 years


Short haired domestic

Can live with:
Dexter will need a calm adult-only home. He will need to be the only cat and could not live with a dog.

About me

Dexter arrived to us at the end of February, he came via an inspector with multiple other cats. He was missing a lot of fur as he has a flea allergy! Thankfully this can be kept on top of by keeping up to date with flea treatment. Since arriving to the cattery, Dexter has been overwhelmed by the next environment. Now that he has had a few weeks to settle in, he is coming out of his shell and interacting with us every day. Initially when he meets you he appears to be a bit unsure, but he quickly asks for strokes when he realises they are on the cards. He is constantly kneading his paws when he gets some fuss! It also helps that he really likes treats, which has been a great way to build up his confidence in his pen.

Initially Dexter will need his own room in his new home. This is just to help with the settling in period and give him space to acclimatise. He will need a secure garden he can access when he is ready. He will need some time and space at first to help him prosper in his new home. Ideally his new owners will have prior experience with cats.

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