Primrose and Daisy Rabbits

Primrose and Daisy came in to the shelter for rehoming as their owner was moving and could not take them with them. They are completely identical dutch rabbits we have put a small mark on Primrose’s ear just so we can tell them apart here. They are sister and are 1 year old. We have neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed them.

We are looking for a home for them together, they are a very close pair of rabbits and will follow each other around. They like head strokes and can be picked up and stroked but not for a long time, they get wriggly and want to be off doing something more exciting. They love greens and treats. They are alittle unsure of new things so would need a patient owner who can show them how things in life are. In time they would love a lovely garden/run to explore but have no confidence outside yet. They have only ever lived inside but could live outside in the right accommodation. Their accommodation must have a run attached to it so they can explore when they are ready

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