Nile Rabbit

Nile came into the shelter via another rescue. His owner rung for help. Nile was being kept in a vivarium with a bearded dragon!!. Nile about 3 years old, we have neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed him. We think he is a dwarf angora rabbit.

When Nile came in, he was very thin, covered in matts and could not go to the toilet properly due to not being groomed, his matted fur had covered his toilet area. We have spent along time getting Nile up for rehoming. Now we are looking for a very special owner for him.

Nile is a very special little rabbit, he is charming and sweet but can be very naughty and cheeky. We think he is possibly deaf. We are looking for a very rabbit experienced home as he does have a few issues. His fur is angora which will need grooming daily, which he is still only tolerating especially around his trousers and toilet area. He will need the fur around his eyes trimmed as it grows very long and he can’t see. Lastly due to his very poor start in life Nile may/will need on going dental work on his back teeth.

Due to all of his issues we are looking for an indoor home, we would be happy him going on his own as he is high maintenance if his owners were around to keep him company. He would not like children. He does like greens and throwing his toys around.

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