Hope: 3-4 years, Spayed Female, Terrier cross


Hope came in on the 16th of June via an Inspector from a multi-dog household. She had not come from an ideal situation and upon arrival was extremely skinny, covered in her own faeces and in need of a good bath and groom.

Hope is a nervous girl until she trusts you but once she does is very friendly and affectionate – sometimes a little too friendly as she likes to nibble when she gives you kisses! She has not had any training and will not be housetrained so her new owner will need to be aware of this and have the time and experience to teach her about the world.

Hope likes the sound of her own voice and can be quite vocal with any new experience. She is looking for a patient owner who has the time to work on her socialisation skills and teach her to behave calmly in new situations. She is ok with other dogs but again tends to be vocal to begin with and is also quite shy with larger ones.

Hope will be looking for an adult only home. She is still being assessed so is not quite ready to go to a new home yet.

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