Frequently asked questions

What happens if my pet gets sick?

Our team of expert staff are constantly monitoring all the animals in our care. If we feel there is a health concern we will get your pet checked out by one of the veterinary practices we regularly use. We will contact you, or the alternative contact you have left, if possible to let you know our concerns. You will be liable to pay any vet bills that are accrued. Unfortunately it will not be possible to take your pet to your regular vet.

What happens if I get delayed?

We understand that sometimes that things happen that make people late. Please call us at the centre to let us know if you are delayed. The centre closes for the night at 4pm so if you are going to be later than that collecting your dog or cat they will need to stay an extra night and you will be asked to pay for another day when you collect them. Unfortunately we can’t admit new arrivals after 3.30pm.

My pet needs medication, can you give it to them?

Our team of animal welfare professionals are used to giving drugs and treatments so please bring along what they are taking and the doseage and we can make sure their treatments are given.

My pet is on a special diet or is a fussy eater can I bring in my own food?

The animals in our care are on a standard diet so if your pet likes something special please bring enough along to last for their time with us. If your pet has any food intolerances please let us know.

Who will be looking after my pet?

Our animal care team are trained animal welfare professionals who are used to all breed and types of pet. As well as external training they all go through RSPCA training to ensure their skills and knowledge is up to date.

My pet loves their bed – can I bring it?

We encourage owners to bring in an item or clothing or bedding that smells of home to help your pet settle. You can bring beds and bedding but we do provide lots ourselves to keep your pet comfy and cosy.