Due to the current situation we are now asking people to fill out a perfect match form online and email it to us info@rspcabrighton.org.uk The relevant form can be found here Small Animal Adoption Form



Augustus and Alexander ferrets came to our shelter from another rescue centre in Kent.  They were unwanted by there previous owners. We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.  We think they are about 1-2 years old.  Augustus is bigger and has gingers ears at mo!!, Alexander is more cream and wears a collar with us to tell them apart easily.  They are albino and have only just been neutered, so do still smell at the moment. We are looking for a home for them together, they are rather large, even for male ferrets, they are not overweight and do not have their ... Read More
June 13, 2021cowshed


Bizzie Lizzie came to the shelter from another rescue in Kent.  She was found under Dover Castle.   The first queen of Dover Castle was Elizabeth 1st also known as Bizzie Lizzie. Bizzie Lizzie is about 8months old.  Female, we have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped her.  She is not albino but is cream with grey flecks and black eyes. We are looking for a new home for Bizzie Lizzie with at least one other ferret for company.  She is sweet, can be handled well and picked up.  She does get over excited and will nip then but that is only play ferret ... Read More
June 12, 2021cowshed