Dog boarding

We want you to know your dog’s tail is wagging even when you aren’t there to see it!

Dogs boarding with us get a minimum of two walks a day around the beautiful green fields that surround our centre and access to our private enclosed run. They also get to pop out for a wee and a sniff during the day. (Dogs are never exercised together unless they come from the same household.)

The dogs have a heated kennel with access to an outside area. There are safe toys in our play areas but you are welcome to bring their own for them to use in their kennels. All our kennels get “room service” daily to make sure they are clean and comfy and they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between dogs.

You can bring some of your dogs bedding or a piece of old clothing that carries your scent to help them settle and relax.

We offer a basic complete and tin diet but you are welcome to supply your own food. If your dog is on a specific diet, please bring it in. We are happy to feed separately, freeze it and generally pander to your pet’s tastes. If they are on a vet prescribed diet please remember to bring enough for their stay with you.

All boarding animals must be fully vaccinated and we will ask for an up to date vaccination certificate. We are obliged by law to refuse admission for boarding unless a valid vaccination certificate is produced at the time the animal is brought in. Despite every precaution, from time to time we have cases of infectious bronchitis at the shelter. We therefore require each dog to have been vaccinated against this.

Please bring any veterinary prescribed drugs with you and our expert team of staff will ensure medication is given and any health issues are monitored.

All dogs coming into the centre must be microchipped and wearing a collar with a tag on it (this is a legal requirement). Please bring their own harness for walking so we know it is the right fit but we do have our own harnesses and leads.

You can bring some of your dogs bedding or a piece of old clothing that carries your scent to help them settle and relax.

We want to get to know your dog as an individual so we are now asking for a Pet Profile form so we know their likes and dislikes for their stay with us.

Our dog boarding costs £18.50 per day or £32 for two dogs sharing or £43 for three (small) dogs sharing.

For booking information, terms and conditions and availability please phone the shelter on 01273 554218 between 10.30am and 4pm Tuesday to Sunday

Important Information:

We ask for a deposit of £50.00 (which is non-refundable) at the time the booking is made. For the Christmas/New Year period (18th Dec – 3rd Jan) the full balance is payable at the time of booking. The miminum time for which boarding facilities can be reserved during the Christmas/New Year period is 5 days. Full payment should be made when the animal is brought in.