Cyril: 8 months, Neutered Male, Lurcher

Cyril is currently being fostered but is now ready to move on to his forever home. Heres a little information about him from his fosterer….

Cyril is a lovely, gentle boy. He is sociable with other dogs, loves people and has been really calm around children. He has good recall and loves to run, although he doesn’t quite realise how long his legs are sometimes! He enjoys runs in the woods, beach and at the river and park with his dog friends. Due to Cyril’s breed he does tend to mouth/grab at smaller dogs when they run so he would be more suitable to live with medium sized dogs or larger, he is currently in foster with 2 dogs and shares his space really well. When he’s not running, Cyril can mostly be found sleeping upside down on the sofa! He walks really well on lead and understands a ‘close’ command, however he will sometimes jump/lunge if he sees a cat/fox. Cyril has improved massively with his car journeys, he settles well, preferring the back seat and only occasionally whines. He knows sit, down, touch, bed, close and he responds to his name. He has been left for short periods of time and will happily sleep during this time. He has also spent time in the office where he settles on his bed.

He does react to cats outdoors and knowing his breed I don’t personally think he would be suitable to live with one. He does like to chase so most likely would not be able to live with other small furry things either.

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