Chubs: 18 months – 2 years, Neutered Male, French Bulldog cross

Chubs originally came in on the 14th of March via our central London Branch. He had found a new home since then but unfortunately came back to the shelter as he was too much for his adopters and they felt he needed more of an active lifestyle than they could provide.

Chubs is a boisterous, cheeky boy who is very lively and enjoys his walks. He can easily become over-excited when handled and can be mouthy/nippy. This can also occur when he is frustrated. He would benefit from owners who are familiar with the breed and prepared to attend training classes or have advice from a behaviourist to help with this.

Chubs loves to play with toys and really enjoys a cuddle and attention. He is a real foodie and enjoys puzzle feeders and other forms of food enrichment. He knows sit, paw and his name on command but may need some help with housetraining to begin with.

Chubs does enjoying playing with other dogs but can be quite full-on and rough. He would need sensible introductions and we feel he would be best as the only dog in his new home. When lead walking he can be vocal with dogs he does not know. Chubs will also need a home without cats or small animals.

He is looking for an adult only home and will need his own garden to assist with housetraining.

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