We board dogs and cats. For Booking information, terms and conditions and availability please phone the shelter on 01273 554218.

Boarding Dogs

Our dog boarding prices are £16.00 per day for 1 dog, £27 per day for 2 dogs sharing a kennel, or £35 per day for 3 dogs sharing a kennel.


We can supply everything from duvets to shredded paper and of course doggies are welcome to “Bring their own”. N.B. All kennels are heated in the bedding area.


We offer a basic complete and tin diet but again you are most welcome to supply your own food. If your dog is on a specific diet, please bring it in. We are happy to feed separately, freeze it and generally pander to your pets whims, whether that’s a morning “weetabix” or a “lunch time cuppa”! N.B. We request that you advise us and supply any veterinary prescribed drugs or diet. Bowls of every size and material are available.

Walkies, Love and Playtime

Depending on your dogs capabilities we can offer a daily walk of up to 20 minutes. This can be either one to one or if sociable in a group. (ALL DOGS ARE ON LEADS, ONE PERSON PER DOG AND RSPCA STAFF ARE ALWAYS PRESENT). The dogs can also use our enclosure for off the lead satisfaction! (DOGS ARE NEVER MIXED OFF LEAD, AT ANY TIME). The normal routine also allows for an afternoon stretch of the legs and a good sniff of the field, oh and a wee hopefully!

All of our animals are treated with the utmost respect and always on an individual basis so please tell us how we can adjust our work to suit your dogs needs. (ie. shorter but more frequent walks etc etc.) Collars, leads, harnesses, halti’s are all welcome although we do have our own. All dogs have access to safe toys, when they are in the run, whilst their “room” is being cleaned but please bring your own for their personal use in their kennel. Equally it’s a good idea to bring in an old smelly t-shirt or jumper of yours as this can sometimes help to settle a newcomer as it has a familiar scent on it.

Kennels and runs are thoroughly disinfected daily and any soiled bedding replaced immediately. If the staff are in any doubt of your dog’s well being during their stay they will ask the vet to examine them. Any treatment required will then be consented to by your own vet. Any cost of medication will be paid for by you.

At Patcham RSPCA we pride ourselves in the care and attention we give to our animals. We all have our own at home and therefore understand how difficult it can be to trust others. So please call in to reception and ask to view the boarding kennels and speak to its staff. Consider us as the holiday camp Hilton for your pet!

You will be asked for proof of full vaccination of your dog including cover for kennel cough (usually a separate squirt of vaccine up the dog’s nose). We also ask for owners to be honest with their animal’s state of health and behaviour… we will not judge an arthritic shepherd or a nervy collie!!


We also offer a bath facility for boarding dogs for a small extra charge.

Boarding Cats

Cat charges are £10.00 per day (with reduced rates for two or more cats sharing the same pen, 2 cats £17.00, 3 cats £22.00).

Air conditioned cattery – all cats have access to an outdoor run too.

For Booking information, terms and conditions and availability please phone the shelter on 01273 554218.

Important Information:

We ask for a deposit of £50.00 (which is non-refundable) at the time the booking is made. For the Christmas/New Year period (18th Dec – 3rd Jan) the full balance is payable at the time of booking. The miminum time for which boarding facilities can be reserved during the Christmas/New Year period is 5 days. Full payment should be made when the animal is brought in.

All boarding animals must be fully vaccinated. We are obliged by law to refuse admission for boarding unless a valid vaccination certificate is produced at the time the animal is brought in. Despite every precaution, from time to time we have cases of infectious bronchitis at the shelter. We therefore require each dog to have been vaccinated against this.

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to be able to offer boarding services for animals other than cats and dogs.

You are very welcome to view our boarding accommodation, and talk to our staff, if you are considering boarding your animals with us.

Demand for our boarding services is high, especially at holiday times, and so you are advised to contact us to check availability as early as possible. Please call us at the Shelter on 01273 554218, between 10.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m., any day except Monday.