Billie and Nina Rabbits

Billie and Nina came into the shelter as 2-3 weeks old babies with their mum, dad and siblings. Billie is the agouti one on the left of the picture, Nina is the light grey one on the right of the picture. They are now about 4 months old (January 2022). We have neutered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped them. They are both female sisters

We are looking for a home for them together. They are a sweet pair but are still slightly shy and will need a patient owner to get them to gain in confidence. We did have their mum and dad who were both very sweet and liked being petted. Billie and Nina like greens and treat time in the afternoon. As they are still so young they will need to be housed inside for the rest of this winter and can either stay inside or go outside in the spring.

Due to them still being shy, ideally they are looking for a home with older children or an adult home.

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