Barbara Windsor and Captain Tom Rabbits

barbara and tom 1m

Barbara and Captain Tom came into the shelter for rehoming as their owner had too many rabbits.  We have taken 6 rabbits in total to help.  They have both been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  They are about 4 months old.  They are brother and sister from one litter.  Captain Tom is the lionhead cross agouti and Barbara is the white and agouti one.

We are looking for home for Barbara and Captain Tom together, they are a sweet pair but due to not being handled much as babies they are wary of people.  They can both be stroked and can be picked up but they are very wriggly and do not like it for long.  This will improve with time and the right owner.  We are looking for a rabbit experienced home with someone who is used to handling shy rabbits.  Even though they are young they would not cope with children so would be better with teenagers or an adult home.  They have lots of energy so will need a lovely outside space to run around in.   Barabara is very clever and can climb, so we are looking for a secure outside space ie a walk in run for them to explore that will be safe incase she tries to escape!!

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