Augustus and Alexander Ferrets

Augustus and Alexander ferrets came to our shelter from another rescue centre in Kent.  They were unwanted by there previous owners.

We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.  We think they are about 1-2 years old.  Augustus is bigger and has gingers ears at mo!!, Alexander is more cream and wears a collar with us to tell them apart easily.  They are albino and have only just been neutered, so do still smell at the moment.

We are looking for a home for them together, they are rather large, even for male ferrets, they are not overweight and do not have their winter coats but they are both around 1.40kg.  They are a sweet pair and can easily be handled.  They get a bit over excited when they are playing and will nip but it is only play.  Due to their size and that they love to play sometimes getting over excited we feel they would be better with older children.  They can live inside or out and could be mixed with a group of ferrets if their new owners have bonded before

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