Arlo came into us as he was abandoned at one of our shelters by his previous owner. There was two ferrets but unfortunately one was very poorly and had to go straight to the vets. We think Arlo is about 1 year old, we have neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and given him an advocate.

Arlo is a cheeky chap, he gets up the minute you go into see him, he has lived with another ferret, so once bonded could live with others ferrets. He can be playful and moves things about in his cage overnight, while he is having a party!!! He likes water and splashing about in it, due to this he would be better kept outside as he would make a mess indoors!!! He can be picked up and handled. As he is a big wriggly chap he would be better with older children, he gets excited very quickly and can be boisterous, he loves treats and stealing them at every opportunity

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